The Mystery of Floating Stones You Never Knew

The prevailing mystery of Floating Stones! The flamboyant Rameshwaram is a celestial place down on the earth. It is considered to be the sacred town renowned for the Ramanathaswamy Temple. The lively waves of Rameshwaram will instill the feel of the complete celestial place or you have been somewhere in the Paradise blessed with lively space. Rameshwaram is exactly close to the neighboring country, Sri Lanka. Rameshwaram is also the Hindu mythology which flashes back to the Ramasethu episode of Ramayana.

Did you remember how Rama and His Vanara army including Hanuman constructed the bridge to Sri Lanka? They constructed the bridge with stones to Sri Lanka to kill Ravana and rescue Sita Devi. How jaw-dropping it would be, when the bridge made of floating stones is still there in parts, it can be seen between India and Sri Lanka from Rameshwaram. The place has another pride, which is where Lord Rama prayed to Lord Shiva and started the construction of the bridge.

Even though Rameshwaram is incorporated with all its pride, mythologies and vivid ambiance, the ancient mythology of Ramsethu is found to be very old and unproven. Passionate historians, scientists, and archaeologists refused to accept the bridge to be constructed by Lord Rama. Yet they could not explain the real concept of floating stones found in Rameshwaram as strongly as they deny to the myth. We could never get an answer for the floating stones and at the same time, there was no proof that it was built by Lord Rama. However, there are many pieces of evidence for the same thing.

The beguiling fact about this amazing floating stones is that they are found only in the coastal regions of Rameshwaram. The weight of each stone is 10 to 20 kgs which are kept in the ancient Rama Temple. The stones that found in the coastal regions will be similar to that of all other stone and has the same features. But some archeologists compared these stones with pumice which is a kind of volcanic rock that floats on the water. Yet the pumice kinds of rocks are found near the volcanic regions and Rameshwaram has no place for the existence of volcano. Another fact is that the mysterious floating stones are not weightless like that of pumice rocks.

The stone floats on the water because of the name Rama written on the rocks. However, scientists explained that floating stones could be the pumice stones. Pumice stones are such stones that float on water. … The bubbles trapped inside the stone gives it a spongy appearance to it which makes it float in water.

Travelers and other wanderers throng to this place to witness the floating stones on the water. Devotees in large numbers from various parts of the country and outsiders visit the ancient temple of Rameshwaram to worship Lord Rama and to visit the mysterious floating stones over there. You could also find the Panchmukha Hanuman Temple, where you could find few more floating stones used by ‘Nala, Neela’ who were the two engineers of the Vanara army to build the stone bridge to Sri Lanka.