Terrorists kidnap Russian diplomats – what Russians did next will BLOW YOUR MIND!

The Russian way!

Russia has always been known as one of the most aggressive countries when it comes to dealing with radical Islamic terror. They have made it quite clear on several occasions to terrorists and their organisations that they do not in any  manner believe in negotiating with terrorists. Their methods to deal with terrorists is one of the bravest, and works every time!

Hizbul Mujahideen - Representative image via Northlines

Although quite old, this incident will be remembered forever. In 1986, a few terrorists kidnapped 4 Russian diplomats in Beirut, Lebanon. The demands of the terrorist group was the force Russia to pressurize Syria to stop shelling rival Muslim terrorists. Moscow outright ignored there demands..


Tit for tat

To show the Russians that they were serious, the terrorists then killed one of the four diplomats. They then packaged his mortal remains and sent it as proof that they had killed one and wouldn’t hesitate to kill the remaining three. What Russia did next won everyone’s hearts.

Angry muslim man


Within a few hours, the Russian KGB kidnapped the entire family of the Hizbollah leader involved in kidnapping the Russian diplomats. They castrated the man, killed him, parceled his body and sent it to the Hizbollah terrorists with a note that they were holding the family of the terrorist and wouldn’t hesitate to do the same to them.

Works like a miracle, every single time!

Russia’s strategy worked like a miracle. Within about 2 hours of the dead body reaching the Hezbollah terrorists, they released all the 3 remaining Russian diplomats. When asked about the incident, an old KGB agent happily recalled, “this is the way Russia operates”!

Its high time the world learned from Russia on how to deal with terrorists. Although a few attacks happened on Russian soil after this incident, it is only a fraction compared to the threat other countries have been facing from Islamic terrorism. People need to understand that the only deal with terrorism is completely weed it out!
source: newsflashx.com