Unbelievable Footage Appears To Show Multiple Shooters During Las Vegas Attack [WATCH VIDEO]

Reporting about the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas Sunday night is full of controversy. Once such controversy is the possibility of multiple shooters. Many reports have been squashed by facts, but one new video seems to show that more than one shooter was, indeed, involved.

Cori Langdon, a Las Vegas taxi driver, was in the taxi lane at Mandalay Bay when the incident took place. As first, she was confused by what was going on, but quickly picked up her phone to record what she was hearing.

In the video she recorded (below) it is easy to hear gun shoots fired far away and then right next to her. This happens multiple times during the video.

Many people will state that the far away shots are just an echo of the shots that happened close by. However, there is a difference between the close up shots and far away shots. This would disprove any echo theory.
Langdon also mentions that it sounds like the shooter is moving farther away
Another interesting part of the video shows what appears to be a strobe light coming from one of the windows at Mandalay Bay. Many people recorded this phenomenon on their phones

Now, it should be mentioned that this video does not confirm that there were multiple shooters at the Las Vegas incident. There are many scenarios that could cause what is heard and seen in the video below. However, the video does open up the incident to questions about what truly happened.

Was there more than one shooter? Was this a planned attack? Were more people involved?

Take a look at the video below. What do you think?