Is your bed a perfect breeding ground for Dust Mites?

dust mites

Dust mites thrive in warm, damp environments. This is the reason why your bed is a perfect breeding ground for these pests.
You sweat a lot when you sleep, especially if you prefer warmer temperatures. Some people can even sweat up to two or more liters a night! This allows dust mites to thrive in your sleeping space, making your bedroom one of the worst places for you to be in terms of lung health.
However, there is one simple trick you can do to reverse the contributions you made to dust mite breeding during your sleep, and it all comes down to the way you make your bed.
When most people make their bed, they flatten their blanket out across their mattress, covering it completely. Although this may be the easiest way to make your bed look neat and tidy, it also traps the moisture and heat that you produced the night before which allows dust mites to thrive.
Instead of completely covering your mattress with your blanket, simply fold your blanket in half or into quarters, depending on the size, and place it at the end of your bed. This will allow the body heat previously being trapped in your bed to be released and will also dry your bed out, effectively removing all of that dust mite-producing moisture.
Other ways you can naturally kill dust mites and prevent them from breeding include:
• Opening windows on dry days
• Using dehumidifiers and air conditioners
• Frequently washing bedding
• Mopping floors with damp mops or cloths (prevents dust from rising)
• Getting rid of infested furniture (mattresses, carpets, curtains etc.)
Overall, the best way to get rid of dust mites is by reducing the humidity of your house and thoroughly cleaning (or replacing) furniture that you think is infested with them.