Incredible Information about Japan.


Did you know these things about Japan?

1.    Japanese kids clean their schools daily for 15 minutes with their teachers, to show them the importance of cleanliness and leading a humble life.

2.    A Japanese citizen having a dog should carry special bags made for picking the dog droppings. Sanitation and an enthusiasm to deal with cleanliness is part of their ethics.

3.    A Japanese hygiene worker is known as ‘health engineer’ and is subjected to take written as well as oral tests; they can even draw salary of up to USD 8000 per month!

4.    The country has no natural resources of its own and gets hundreds of earthquakes each year but it never stopped them from being world’s second biggest economy.

5.    After the atomic bomb disaster, Hiroshima returned to its original vibrant economic shape within only ten years.

6.    Japan bans mobile use in restaurants, indoors, and trains.

7.    Japan’ first to sixth grade students have to learn morals in dealing nicely with people.

8.    Even though Japanese are among wealthiest people of world but they do not keep servants as the parents are in charge for house as well as children.

9.    There are no exams for the first to third graders since objective of their education is to inculcate ideas and character building; not only examination and programming.

10.  In Japan’s buffet restaurants, you can see people not wasting food and eating according to their need.

11.  In Japan, the average time of delayed trains is around 7 seconds a year! This is because they respect the importance of time and are even punctual to minutes as well as seconds.

12.  Kids in schools brush and clean their teeth after having food at school to preserve their health since early age.

13.  To ensure a proper digestion, students take around ½ hour to consume their food. When asked about it, they stated that these students are future of their country.