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I’m sure most of us feel like we’re going slightly mad in our jobs, and I’m sure we can all look around our workplace and point out somebody you are certain is a psychopath.

In reality though, they may actually just be a sociopath, or just hate you, either way, it’s probably best just to keep out of their way and not use their favourite mug.

However, there are indeed certain professions in which you are more likely to encounter a proper psychopath in the workplace. Here below are revealed 10 occupations where you’re more likely to bump into a certified psychopath.

10. Civil Servant:

Then again, I’m sure dealing with the demands of the general public every single day is enough to send anyone loopy.

9. Chef:

Recent studies by Scott Lilienfeld have revealed how psychopaths display fearless dominance over other people, similar to the assertiveness you’d find from a head-chef.

8. Clergy-person:

I mean, it must be exhausting to constantly be trying to impress a higher power…

7. Journalist:

With constant deadlines to meet and only a certain number of words per minute, it’s no surprise journalists work their fingers to the bone.

6. Surgeon:

There are many urban legends about people waking up in an ice bath and discovering they’ve had a kidney removed… Where do you think they learn the techniques?

5. Salesperson:

That’s odd, because usually it’s me wanting to kill salespeople.

4. Lawyer:

Similar to chefs, it was discovered that many lawyers can relish the power and assertiveness they command in a courtroom.

3. TV Personality:

Celebrities are famous for their meltdowns on live television, but can you really blame them? Having every detail of your personal life plastered in every newspaper must take its toll.

2. Police Officer:

When you’re encountering psychopaths every single day of your life, it’s no surprise police officers pick up a few traits and start acting up themselves.

1. CEO:

No argument with anybody as he has lost his mind.

Unsurprisingly, all of these jobs carry high levels of stress and importance, or rely on working closely with the public and we all know how demanding they can be. So if you’re in any of these jobs, it might be best for your mental wellbeing to get down the job centre as soon as possible.