Horrendous Video Shows Girl Swinging Puppy By Its Neck

Warning: The following video contains footage that may be upsetting to some viewers.

A disturbing video has emerged of a teen forcefully swinging a puppy around by its neck. The video, which was posted on social media, shows the girl swinging the white puppy by the neck with a leash.

The dazed puppy is shown crouching on the floor after landing back on its feet and appears to be very distraught. The girl continues to swing the poor puppy in circles, and it is unclear as to why she is doing this, but we can guess it’s out of sheer ignorance. The girl laughs while she’s swinging the dog and so does the person filming the video.


The RSPCA has instigated an investigation into the situation and the video has since been removed by Facebook. It is believed that the girl in the video is a 14-year-old teenager from the Devon town of Bovey Tracey.

According to the Daily Mail, before the video was taken down, hundreds of people left comments venting their fury at the girl. One commenter wrote: “How evil. The dog should be taken away.” Another posted: “That is so mean.”


A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “We have been made aware of footage circulating on social media showing a dog being swung around by its collar and lead and are investigating.

Under no circumstances is it ok for anyone to treat an animal in this way, and we hope that this girl receives the punishment she deserves.

Have you ever seen anyone treat an animal like this?

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Source : dailymail