The term ‘indigo children’ comes from a New Age concept, children who are born with an indigo aura, different from most people.


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Former Psychotherapist Doreen Virtue believes that the concept of indigo children is credible, and that they are here to change the world for the better, but instead they are being repressed with drugs such as Ritalin.

While Stephen Hinshaw, professor and the chairman of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley does not agree with the idea of indigo children, he does agree that children are being ‘over-medicalised’ and simple behavior problems that a child might grow out of are being labelled as ADD or ADHD, giving the child a stigma for life.

Common traits of indigo children

    • They know they are here for a reason.
    • They do not settle for absolute authority.
    • They are born knowing they deserve to be valued.
    • They believe everything should be given creative thought.
    • They are rebellious.
    • They come up with better ways of doing things often.
    • They do not respond to ‘guilt discipline.’
    • They are not shy when it comes to letting you know what they need.

These traits seem familiar with some of those we ascribe to ADHD children, could there be an overlap?

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