Groom’s powerful reaction to his bride will make you emotional and teary-eyed

This incredible video shows one of the most heartfelt, emotional bridal entrances we have ever seen. Gabriel Deku just couldn’t hold himself together when he saw his bride, Annabella, walk down the aisle.

Standing at the front of the beautiful St. Martin-in-the-Fields church in London with his best man, Tolu, next to him for support, Gabriel wavers and pulls himself back from the brink several times as the congregation cheers at the bridal party’s entrance. As Annabella makes her way towards him, he turns around and is instantly overcome with emotion so raw that — just like the bridesmaids and wedding guests in the video — we are certain you will not be able to watch this without shedding a tear.

With a deep love that is plain for all to see, we are certain that Gabriel and Annabella who have since honeymooned in Bali. Have a long and happy marriage ahead of them.