Ghost Phone: A phone that only you could see and work on

Ghost Phone: A phone that only you could see and work on


Ever had the experience of travelling on a bus or tube and strangers peering over your shoulder at your phone or staring at the mail you are reading or replying to? Now… now… we see a lot of heads nodding! This is one of the most common and irritating problems that one has to encounter while commuting in public transport.

But you can’t actually yell at people every time they look at your phone’s screen. isn’t it? What if we told you that there may launch a phone soon which will have a screen that only you could see and work on?

You would think I am just kidding but I am not because of a Turkish inventor Mr. Celal Göger. Mr. Göger from Diyarbakir, Turkey encountered the same problem while commuting daily on crowded public transport and he decided to do something about it.

Mr. Göger has a technology studio of his own where he keeps innovating and experimenting. It was in this studio that he found a way to save his phone from those prying eyes. He modified the phone using a chip which makes the screen of the phone appear white. He then used the second chip in a pair of glasses which connects the goggles to the phone’s screen thus making the screen visible to the wearer. So by using the goggles and phone fitted with this chip you can enjoy even the most personal and private conversations or messages on your phone.

ghost phone

Mr. Göger says that if he can get the funding he is planning to take this project further and install an on/off button on the phone to make the user decide whether he/she wants to activate the function or not. There is no news about when and for how much this ‘ghost phone’ will be available for general public but whenever it will make an entry into the markets, people are surely going to love it. Source