A distraught father says he was “left with no other choice” than to take revenge on the pedophile who raped his 7-month-old daughter, by chopping his hands off, after a judge let him go.


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The devastated dad of the baby girl said he would “never forget” the moment he caught the man raping his infant child.

Despite the eyewitness account from a parent of the victim, the court refused to convict and the judge through it out citing “lack of evidence.”

Following the judge’s shock decision, the father decided to take matters into his own hands.

He kidnapped the child abuser, tied him to a tree and made him confess to his horrific crime before chopping his hands off with a machete.

In court, the father said he was willing to forgive the rapist and even offered to drive the pervert home to Kotli Ablu, the village in Punjab where they both live.


But halfway back home, the father stopped the bike, tied the pedophile to a tree, and hacked off both hands with a large knife, shouting;

“You’ll never lay a hand on another child again!”

The father then fled the scene, leaving the child abuser tied to the tree and screaming for help before he was found by locals a couple of hours later.

During the court proceedings, the father repeatedly indicated that he was prepared to forgive his baby’s rapist and accept a compensation deal to reduce his punishment.

Despite these offers of forgiveness, the court refused even to give the rapist a light sentence.

The man was barely conscious when he was found and was rushed to the hospital where he is still in critical condition.

While the courts had not convicted the man for raping the young infant, sources say that the police are still looking for the father, and he is expected to be sentenced if caught.