You might not believe it at first but you’ll soon realize how it has room for a skyscraper with 40 floors AND contains both jungle and a river. The Son Doong cave in Vietnam is the largest one in the world and a tour inside this place is something out of the ordinary. Tag along in this underground world and be astounded by how marvelous and beautiful nature can be.


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The enormous cave is situated in the Vietnamese national park Phon Nha-Ke Bang, 280 miles south from the countries capital city Hanoi.

Son Goong means ”mountain-river-cave” and crafts from two to five million years ago. But for a long time it was undiscovered. It was first found in 1991 by a local farmer, but the first people who explored the cave were British experts in 2009. It has following remarkable features:

  • The cave as a whole is considered to be 87 miles long.
  • It contains its own animal life, a rain forest, lakes, beaches and a river.
  • 2013 did the first tourists visit the cave.
  • There are guided tours to get here. The tour can take seven days and the cost is around $2300 (1500 BP). For that price you will also spend five nights camping inside the cave.
  • The cave is also rich in rare pearls that have been shaped for centuries by water drops that’s been dried and shaped a layer of lime on the sand.

You must watch the drone footage below:

to get an even bigger picture of this underground river and its natural skylights. Keep in mind this river eroded massive amounts of limestone UNDERNEATH a mountain. This created collapses and massive skylights. The cave was named the largest in the world after a 2009 expedition to survey it by the British Cave Research Association.