All Electric Trains In Holland Now Run On 100% Wind Power

While the Netherlands has always been a green energy country, they’ve now taken it a step further: All electric passenger trains in the Netherlands are now powered entirely by the wind!



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Dutch railway company NS achieved the feat a full year ahead of schedule, too!
“Since 1 January, 100% of our trains are running on wind energy,” commented NS spokesman Ton Boon. “So we in fact reached our goal a year earlier than planned.”
According to Dutch electric company Eneco, which signed a 10-year deal with NS two years ago, 600,000 passengers are now “the first in the world” to travel by wind energy. 5,500 trains are operated by NS on an average day, making it one of the largest railway companies in the Netherlands.
Because electric trains on the NS use approximately1.2 billion kWh of electricity each year (the equivalent of all households in the city of Amsterdam), the new development is expected to have positive repercussions for the environment.
Electricity used to power the Dutch trains is being sourced from wind farms in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Finland. As the agricultural complexes were recently constructed, the likelihood of speeding up the timeline to power electric trains with clean energy elsewhere is a possibility. In fact, the company intends to reduce the energy used per passenger by an additional 35% within the next three years.