Elderly Mother Locked Out In The Cold By Son And Daughter-In-Law; 85-Year-Old Says ‘I Don’t Even Get Food To Eat’

An 85-year-old mother has been kept in chains by her son and his wife in UP’s Meerut. Knowing that they cannot look after her every second and unable to afford a full-time nurse, the couple has taken to chaining the old woman in the auto. She spends her day lying on the back seat of the auto rickshaw. She is then taken in the house after the night falls and is back in the auto every morning.

The old mother does not protest when her daughter-in-law puts in the key in the lock to lock her for the day.


The incident is of Lohiya Nagar’s Kanshiram Colony. Aabida says, “My mother-in-law Akbari Begam is mentally ill because of which she cannot remember anything. She leaves the house without telling and faints often while roaming about in the colony, causing her several injuries…”

“…seeing her in the condition, some people pelt her with stones. For the last three months, we have chained her by her leg but only during the day. We take her inside; she is also undergoing treatment for this.”

Aabida added, “No matter how many times we give her food, she always says that I haven’t eaten anything. We are forced to keep her in this condition because of her memory loss.”

The neighbours told that the elderly woman’s husband had a government job and after his death, all the money she gets is spent by her son who works as an accountant in a lawyer’s office.

After the Kharkhoda police received the information, they questioned Aabida and had her freed from the chains. They also saw to it that she stays inside the house and not in the chilly parked auto.


SP City Maansingh Chauhan said,”On receiving information about the elderly woman being kept to chains, we sent few of our officials to the spot. She suffers from severe memory loss and that’s why the family had tied her to avert any mishap.”

Such a deal with a woman is not good. The police is taking action, whatever may happen from its level. ”

“The treatment meted out to the elderly woman is unacceptable. The police will do whatever it can,” he added.