Watch the video : If Earth is spinning to the east, why isn’t it faster to fly west?


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MinutePhysics, in their latest video explain the answer to the question “If Earth is spinning to the east, why isn’t it faster to fly west?

While Earth itself is spinning about 1,180 km/h to the east, the ground and everything on it are travelling even faster – at about 1,670 km/h (1,037 mph). Even the air above the ground is travelling at around this speed in an easterly direction. So for an aeroplane to get anywhere at all, it has to be moving relative to the ground.

Say it’s travelling at 160 km/h (100 mph) – because it’s already moving at 1,670 km/h with the planet, plus that little bit extra, it’s able to keep itself ahead and actually get somewhere. On the other hand, if it’s travelling towards the west, it’s actually moving 1,670 km/h MINUS 160 km/h.

“Yes, to go west, you go east – just slower than Earth is going east,” says Henry Reich in the video above. “Unless you’re within 10 or so miles of the poles, in which case a brisk westerward walk will take you legitimately west.”

But it’s not so simple (we’re kidding – it was never simple), because winds in the upper atmosphere mess everything up. I’ll let MinutePhysics explain in the video above, but let’s just say it’s to do with different parts of Earth rotating at different speeds, because it’s a big, blue marble, and that’s what big blue marbles do when you spin them.

Source: techworm