Different Ways and Means to Have a Healthy Life Span

No matter what your age, you have the power to change many of the variables that influence how long you live, and how active and vital you feel in your later years. Actions you can take to increase your odds of a longer and more satisfying life span are really quite simple. These are the few most efficient ways to get better health:

1. Drinking water in excess.
2. Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar!
3. Eat more trees and plants based foods.
4. Incorporate the 3 E’s of Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy.
5. Do more meditation.
6. Indulge in sporting activities.
7. Make a habit of reading more.
8. Sit in silence for minimum 10 minutes daily.
9. Sleep for minimum 7 hours.
10. Walk and smile for at least half an hour daily.
11. Don’t compare yourself to others.
12. Avoid negative thoughts and invest more in positive energy.
13. Don’t go beyond your limits- physically and mentally.
14. Avoid taking yourself seriously.
15. Avoid gossiping.
16. Dream while you are awake!
17. Jealousy is a sheer waste of time.
18. Forget negative things of the past and focus more on present happiness.
19. Life is very short to hate anyone. Avoid it at all costs.
20. Make peace with your past to enjoy the present.
21. You are the sole reason behind your happiness.
22. Take life as a school where you learn many new things every day.
23. Laugh more.
24. Agree to disagree as you don’t need to succeed in every argument.
25. Call your near and dear ones often.
26. Give something good to others every day.
27. Forgive one and all for anything.
28. Spend more time with those over 70 years and under 6 years.
29. Make 3 people smile daily.
30. What others think about you is none of your concern.
31. Stay in touch with near and dear ones as they would take care of you in bad times.
32. Do the correct things.
33. Avoid everything that isn’t practical, beautiful or blissful.
34. Pardoning goes a long way.
35. Every good or bad a situation would change for sure.
36. Even you don’t feel like- get up, dress nicely, and show up!
37. Always remember that best is yet to appear.
38. Embrace life and be thankful when you awake alive in the morning…
39. Your deepest self is always happy; so be happier always and enjoy life.
40. Care and respect for your own self and others always is the key to a good life.