The Date of The End of The World Hidden In Da Vinci’s The Last Supper Finally Decoded

We were intrigued by symbolisms found in many paintings. Vatican researchers were shocked after analyzing the enigmatic The Last Supper. They found a cleverly hidden code written by Da Vinci in the painting and according to them, it’s the date of the end of the world.


Leonardo Da Vinci is a distinguished Renaissance man who have proven to be really ahead of his time. He conceptualized flying machines and tanks centuries before these inventions entered mass production and use. His prescience also reached another level when he supposedly tried to calculate the date of the world’s end.


According to researchers there is a strange code visible in the window above Jesus Christ in Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. The deciphered code writes November 1 4006. There are also manuscripts written by Da Vinci regarding the apocalyptic events before the said date. It includes another devastating global flood.


Da Vinci writes: “Seawater will rise above the high peaks of Mountains towards the Sky and will fall down again onto the dwellings of Men.”. It might be Da Vinci’s prediction about the rising sea levels caused by global warming.

Da Vinci also writes: ”All round may be seen venerable trees, uprooted and stripped by the fury of the winds… The swollen rivers overflow and submerge the wide lowlands and their inhabitants.”. It is an obvious statement about the stronger storms of the future or hypercanes . The video below is all about the said code and an extensive video analysis about the Last Supper.

Watch the Video below :