Coward skins his dog alive and shares photo on Facebook, claiming he enjoyed it


This coward on the left skinned his dog alive and then shared the photo of the poor animal on social media, bragging about what he had done. He claims that he enjoyed every moment of the skinning process, revealing that he gave the Staffordshire Terrier type-dog some pils in order to fall asleep and, at the end, organized a photo session, ordering him to ‘sit’. The lowlife claimed he had no regrets about what he had done and actually enjoyed the skinning process.

The attacker has been identified as Uzya Baktybay and lives in Taraz, in the southern part of Kazakhstan.

Some of his friends mocked the dog that had just been skinned alive and apparently supported Baktybay’s actions.

Livid netizens took to Facebook and VKontakte (a popular social media platform in Russia) to express their outrage and condemned the ruthless attack. Facing a storm of critics, Baktybay deleted the photo and terminated his account altogether, proving he is nothing but a lame coward. However, the photo was saved by several netizens and was posted up once again. A flyer condemning this sick attack and requesting justice is now also circulating online.

Netizens also discovered some other disturbing photos on his social media profile (before the account was deleted) that showed Baktybay organizing a series of dog fights in his garage.

According to Article 316 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan, mistreating animals is an offence that is punishable by law.

We, the undersigned, sincerely hope a police investigation will commence as soon as possible and this ruthless individual will be severely punished for these sick deeds. This man is an extremely dangerous individual and must be held accountable for his actions at all costs.

 This photo sparked outrage on social media. 

 Uzya Baktybay – the attacker. 

 This is the beautiful dog that was skinned alive.