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9 Things You Realize After You Die


Three weeks after he died, my brother Billy woke me at sunrise and began describing what was happening to him in the afterlife. At first I thought that grief was causing me to imagine his voice. But as my brother began sharing cosmic secrets with me, secrets I couldn’t ignore, I became his student. Billy […]

Peter Freuchen: The Real Most Interesting Man In The World


In his lifetime, Peter Freuchen traveled four continents and wrote over 30 books. Peter Freuchen The shortlist of Peter Freuchen’s accomplishments includes escaping an ice cave armed with his bare hands and frozen feces, escaping a death warrant issued by Third Reich officers, and being the fifth person to win the jackpot on the game […]

61-Year-Old Model Stuns The World, Shares Her Anti-Aging Secrets


This elegant model is combatting ‘ageism’ one photoshoot at a time. Jasmine Rossi is the name of the 61-years old model that’s staring in the new swimsuit campaign for the brand “The Dreslyn”. She’s a living proof that there shouldn’t be boundaries in fashion. Rossi received amazing comments for support-people said she looked amazing and […]

Parents Kill 7 Yr Old Son, Doctor Finds Note In Boy’s Hand


This is a story about a little boy with a big heart. And it’s a story that everyone should read. The story is about Ivan, but ultimately, it isn’t just about him. It is, rather, about millions of other children like Ivan, living the same nightmare across the world today. While this story of Ivan […]

The Path You Pick Reveals Your Personality & Future


This quick picture quiz will reveal both your future and your personality… Choose one of these six images to find out about your future and your personality. Look at all of the pictures and decide which one suits you the best. Find the one you think is the most visually appealing, the path you would […]

Your Body Is Not A Crime. (Uncensored)


Blood, gore and dismemberment of the human body is acceptable in today’s media, but the human form is either perceived as evil and to be hidden, or is exposed in degrading ways. And while we should be offended by war, poverty, corruption and environmental destruction, some are appalled by the sight of a breastfeeding mother. […]

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