Baby Born At 28 Weeks And Not Expected To Live, Just Hit Milestone


The miracle of childbirth often means a new beginning for all parents. While most pregnancies are a standard affair for doctors, many cases present challenges. One such case was the birth of Matthew. Matthew was born after just 28 weeks in the womb. Doctors induced labor because they found the baby to be growing at an abnormal rate.

Matthew was only 1.2 pounds when he was born, about the size of a doll, and was kept in the NICU for the next two months. During this time, Matthew went through a series of surgeries and extensive procedures, but doctors were not hopeful about the baby’s condition. They even told his parents to prepare for the worst at any time.

The baby was also diagnosed with Primordial Dwarfism, a condition where the person will not grow up to be full-sized. While Matt’s proportions are likely to be be quite standard, his overall size will be really small.

His parents are, however, confident and hopeful that Matt will live a normal life. His father said that he is waiting to see his son play ball with his brothers in the yard one day, go to school like all the other kids and lead a normal life.

Support for the family has been pouring in from all over the country. Matt sure has a bright future ahead of him. His parents and brothers are there to care for him and be a pillar of strength, should he need it.