Avoid These Foods During Pregnancy

Doctors advice to consume maximum natural foods as possible. However, there are several foods that every pregnant lady must avoid.

Seafood: Seafood is a rich source for Omega 3 that is beneficial for the unborn child. But there are several sea foods that contain high amount of mercury in them that can damage the baby’s intelligence. Some of these foods include crabs, shark, salmon, king mackerel, and prawns.

Undercooked Food: Every raw as well as undercooked food should be avoided at all costs as they might contain bacteria and virus that can badly affect the baby and the. Instead, gong for a well cooked food and that which is refrigerated as it should be- is a wise choice- since it keeps away from cross infection.

Unpasteurized groceries: Unpasteurized food contains food borne bugs. This is more so in dairy products such as feta and brie cheese; that are not correctly pasteurized. But you surely can go for mozzarella, cottage cheese, and skimmed milk…

Unwashed veggies and fruits: It is very essential to cook foodstuff before for consumption during pregnancy. Food that is not cooked or is under cooked should not be consumed as they might have bacteria and viruses which can impact you negatively during pregnancy. Moreover, washing all food products carefully is a great choice t make.

Stay away from Caffeine, Tea, Alcohol: Stay far from any caffeine related product and alcohol during pregnancy to put off birth defects as they can also raise the risk of miscarriage.

These are among certain food groups that every pregnant woman must avoid.