Amazing and True Facts About Attraction

If you’re on the dating scene and trying to find a new partner, then you may want to arm yourself with some scientific facts about attraction. What brings two people together? And what makes some potential partners more irresistible than others? The research behind it all is incredibly interesting, and knowing a few facts can be helpful when trying to figure out who is right for you.

Attraction is the glue when getting to know someone. It temporarily bonds you as a couple and gives you the time to get to know each other and determine if your personalities are well-suited for one another. In other words, it’s their smell and their sexiness and their voice that reels you in and keeps you around long enough to figure out if there’s enough chemistry for a relationship.

Attraction might be an easy concept when you see a person you like, but as you get deeper into what makes men and women tick, you’ll find a whole new fascinating world of facts waiting to be discovered. Science has posed some viable questions over the course of human history and now offers more than a few valuable answers about what attracts men, women, and why are we drawn to some people, but have absolutely no chemistry with others. Here are few scientific facts about attraction you can use the next time you go on a date.


Women are wired in a funny way. While it is certainly important what the guy looks like, a woman is more likely to fall for the guy with a pleasant smell (or simply the one that she individually finds delightful). While guys pay more attention to the look the first time they see a person, a woman will look, but she will also smell and that will instantly tell her whether they’re compatible or not. It’s actually pretty amazing!

Facial Symmetry

Do you find a certain someone particularly fetching, but can’t quite put your finger on why? Apart from just thinking they’re “beautiful,” what you might be drawn to is the symmetry of their face. Men and women find symmetrical faces more attractive than non-symmetrical ones. The more a person’s face is roughly the same on both sides, the more you are going to want to approach them.

Dogs boost attraction

Guys like to joke that they have more chances of getting a girl’s number if they’re with a baby or cute dog. Well, there’s actually some truth to it! While a baby might signal that the guy is taken, a dog simply boosts the guy’s cuteness level and tells ladies that he’s a caring soul and can be trusted in general.


Why is everyone attracted to rosy cheeks and clear skin? This is your biology searching for signs of “health” and weeding out partners who seem unfit for reproduction. If your date shows up looking unkempt and greasy, it may be a turn off. Most of us probably know that health is never something you can tell judge by looking at someone.

Red colour 

Red has always been viewed as the colour of love, passion, power, and high status. All those things mixed together create a wonderfully exciting cocktail that has an impact on both men and women. That’s why women always look so dramatically beautiful and enticing in red dresses, while men dressed in red draw much more attention than guys wearing any other colour. It’s bold and it is always a statement!


If you want to put a person you’re dating at ease – try to mirror his or hers posture and gestures. For women it comes naturally with attraction. If they like a person it will happen effortlessly on a subconscious level, buy you might as well do it deliberately to make the person feel more comfortable. It’s one of the basic tricks in psychology and works with literally everyone.

Women makes the first move

It’s a kind of game that happens on subconscious level and most of the time we don’t even notice the way things are happening. There’s a cute guy and a woman feels nice about him, so when he looks at her, she will look back with some interest, giving him indication that he can approach her in some way. Prolonged eye contact, a smile, and other small gestures that all happen even before some kind of conversation is initiated by a guy – all these things are done by a woman! In a way, it is she who always does the first move.


While no one likes a show off, there’s no denying the attractiveness of someone who’s truly self-confident. We have an innate desire to ensure our DNA survives many generations.

Eye Contacts

If someone is into you, they’ll likely be all about that eye contact. You might notice your date leaning in, laughing loudly at your jokes, and giving you their full attention. These are (obviously) all good things.


If your date is blushing a lot, take it as a sign you’re winning them over. Blushing signals to your love interest that you are attracted to them, or more accurately, aroused by them. The blood vessels in your face dilate upon arousal, leading to high color in your cheeks, full lips, and sparkling eyes. If you notice your date is getting a bit flushed, consider it a good thing.