Amazing Scientific Reasons Why You Should Kiss More

Kissing in a beautiful intimate gesture that two people share with each other and it helps to deepen the connection between them. However, science has proven that kissing is more than just great foreplay. It’s actually great for your health and has more benefits than you could imagine.


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Kissing is one of the most pleasant things in the world (after chocolates and fluffy kittens, of course). We kiss our babies, friends, pets, and loved ones. Kissing our partners feels most special and, according to science, it actually is! Kissing does not only make us happy by reducing stress levels, but it also has a few quite amazing health benefits most people have no idea about. Here are a few scientific reasons why you should kiss more.

The ‘love hormone’

The first thing that happens when you kiss your partner is the release of different feel-good hormones that make you feel incredible. I’m talking about the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin and vasopressin, the one responsible for bonding mothers and babies. There’s also a bit of dopamine that makes the kissers happier almost instantly and a bunch of other neurohormones that keep us balanced.

Reduces anxiety levels

Kissing can be effective in calming you down and making you feel less stressed since it decreases the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your brain. So go ahead grab your partner and start kissing!

Stress reduction

The more feel-good hormones are produced by your body, the happier you become. Studies show that love and pleasure significantly reduce your stress levels. Shows of affection like kissing influence your cortisol levels – a stress hormone that is causing most of the suffering.

It works your face muscles

Did you know that every time you smooch your partner you use up to 30 muscles? What are the odds! And, when you do use these 30 muscles to kiss, it helps them to tone and tighten. Depending on the intensity of the kiss, you could burn anywhere between two to 26 calories per minute. So kissing is basically like going to the gym – for your face!


Apart from feel-good hormones, kissing also causes your body to produce adrenaline and noradrenaline. These chemicals make you feel more alert, precise, and excited. You heart rate raises and you feel more alive than ever – all thanks to kissing!

Kissing helps with allergies

It may be hard to believe, but kissing can actually reduce allergy symptoms. In 2003, Japanese scientists published a study in Physiology and Behaviour, describing the relationship between allergies and stress reduction. People who weren’t too big on kissing in daily life were left with their partners in a room to kiss for half an hour. In the end of experiment, scientists were shocked to find out that people actually felt huge relief from their allergic reactions.

Relieve cramps

When you’re writhing in period pain, kissing could actually help alleviate the pain! The dilated blood vessels and increased blood flow helps relieve cramps, additionally the boost in the “feel-good” hormones could definitely ease period cramps. Next time you’re on your period, you know what to do.

Immunity boost

Being exposed to new bacteria might have two effects – it will either make you sick, or strengthen your whole immunity system.  The more new germs you experience, the more your body learns how to resist them. Kiss at least 9 times a day to keep the doctor away.

It makes you feel happy

Snogging makes your brain produce a bunch of hormones that are making you feel amazing because they trigger the pleasure centres of your brain. These chemicals are oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. These hormones not only make you feel ecstatic, but also encourage feelings of bonding and affection between your partner.

Partner compatibility

You don’t need any special tests to find out if your partner is really the one.  Kiss and you’ll understand everything! While kissing we subconsciously pick up various details – from general health to genetic compatibility, all thanks to human pheromones.

Healthy teeth

Saliva has great anti-bacterial properties and the more you kiss the more saliva you produce. It moistens the mouth, helps with swallowing, and cleanses all those nasty particles that cause cavities. This means the more saliva, the better!

Relationship satisfaction

The more you kiss your partner – the happier you become with the relationship. Yes, it’s as easy as that! Studies show that romantic kissing not only strengthens the bond between you and your partner, but also makes you feel more satisfied about the whole thing. So this is the actual key to long happy relationships!

Reduces blood pressure

When you kiss it increases your heart rate, thereby dilating your blood vessels, which in turn increases bloody flow, and significantly reduces your blood pressure. Kissing really has more ups than you could have imagined, right?