This Is What Advertisements of Big Corporations Would Look Like If They Were Truly Honest

This Is What Advertisements of Big Corporations Would Look Like If They Were Truly Honest


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Despite how little you think advertisements affect you, they can actually influence you in ways you don’t even realize. That’s not to say that all advertisements are inherently bad. But, sometimes they do use manipulative tactics to hide certain facts and get people to buy a certain product.


In fact, everyday companies and organizations invest their marketing in radio, internet, television, print advertising, with the sole purpose of creating a positive image of their product or service and attracting new customers.

So, those who are a part of the marketing and advertising world are used to portraying only the most positive and appealing image. However, is that the true image of the company in question? How many companies are guilty of twisting the horrible truth with a couple of flashy images, well-thought-out slogans and smiling faces?

Here are some examples of how the advertisement would look like if advertisers were completely honest:


We’re no strangers to McDonald’s unhealthy food, but are we fully aware of just how bad for us it is? Morgan Spurlock, the man who decided to live off the fast food giant for a month in 2014, might give you the answer for that. As a result of this decision, he gained 24 1/2 pounds and his cholesterol and fatty accumulation in the liver reached dangerous levels. He also experienced mood swings, depression, low energy, intense heart palpitations etc.

Kellogg’s Cereals

Regularly advertised as a heart-healthy and deliciously balanced breakfast option, Kellogg’s Cereals is anything but that! In fact, they had a massive recall on a few of their brands in 2010 and 2012 due to potentially harmful and carcinogenic ingredients. However, perhaps the most disturbing scandal the company was involved in, was in 2016 when it was discovered that Wilmar International, Kellogg’s palm oil provider, were taking advantage of 8-14-year-old children for slave labor and engaging in human trafficking.


This crazy looking colonel is actually a more accurate portrayal of KFC than the original friendly old guy, which doesn’t give any sign of the unethical farming practices that occur behind the scenes. A number of videos depicting animal abuse and torture have surfaced, which is why the company is frequently criticized by animal rights groups.


One of the most famous and innovative companies in the world is shamefully uninnovative when it comes to human rights. The key corporation that Apple contracts to manufacture its products, Foxconn, is a Chinese multinational electronics company that has a horrible reputation of its abuse of workers, child labor and has been referred to as a ‘sweatshop’ and a ‘labor camp’. What’s even worse, it has also gained international recognition due to the high suicide rate of its workers.

Mr. Clean (Proctor & Gamble)

Proctor & Gamble, the parent company of Mr. Clean, is a name that has long been associated with conducting unethical experiments and tests on innocent animals such as cats and dogs. Moreover, similar to Kellogg’s, P&G got their palm oil from Wilmar International who were using little children for slave labor and engaged in human trafficking practices.

Quaker State Oats (PepsiCo)

PepsiCo’s subsidiary, Quaker State Oats is responsible for one of the lowest possible things anyone can ever do. They deceived innocent children, especially mentally challenged children and abused them through unethical experimentation. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, researchers from the Quaker State Oats Company worked together with Harvard University and MIT to conduct illegal experiments at the Walter E. Fernald State School for mentally ill children.

Monsanto & Bayer

Frequently referred to as “the world’s most evil corporation”, Monsanto is associated with unethical behavior and human rights abuses that make the rest of the companies in this article look like amateurs. Its unrestrained use of dangerous chemicals has led to significantly higher cases of leukemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and different kinds of cancer. It has also played a role in the environmental destruction in Vietnam, bullied independent farmers and caused other significant health issues.


Nestle is yet another massive corporation implicated in human rights abuses and other notable suspicious practices. As a matter of fact, throughout history, Nestle has often come under fire from human rights activists and lawyers. Reportedly, their unethical practices even led to the death of infants in the 1970s when they presented their “milk” as being just as good as a mother’s breast milk. The company also made headlines when their CEO stated that access to water should not be a human right on camera.
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