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Life tried it’s best to make her say ” I Quit ” but she said to the Life I will fight till the End and I will Never Quit. 

When Life Knocks you down you have 2 options – Let it Destroy you OR Get Back up and punch it right in the Face. She got back up and Punched it right in the Face. Salute Madam for Inspiring us to Never Give Up in Life and If we can fight our struggles we will defeat them.

Seventy-seven-year-old Manjula Seta, who sits outside Kandivali Railway Station, to sell handmade cotton bags, is an epitome of inspiration to all women. “I started this business on August 25, on my birthday. It has been exactly 40 years ever since I decided to stand on my own feet and earn a living,” said Manjula, who lost her husband 20 years ago.

Manjula, according to her customers, is a living example of the never ever give up. “She can barely walk, still she comes everyday to the same spot every single day. As a woman, I not just feel proud of her for self sustaining but also for her courage of being on the cruel streets all on her own,” said Kalpana Patel, a loyal customer of Manjulas.

On asking Manjula about her journey, she recalled her initial struggling days and said, “Both my husband and I did not have enough income to feed our children. So I decided I’ll use these two legs and two hands that God gave me and give them the education that I was deprived off. After my husband died, I managed everything, from my daughters’ graduation to their marriage. I took care of everything through this small business,” said the proud mother, whose one daughter is a banker and the other is a media student.

Manjula earns nearly Rs 300 to Rs 400 per day and feels that even the small amount gives her a sense of respect in her own eyes. “At a very early age I had realized the value of money. I knew no matter what, you will be defined by the amount you have in your bank. That deprivation taught me a lot. That difference between a man and a woman never existed in my mind. There were times when I was surrounded by men. I would be the only woman in the lot but I handled everything. I was only concerned about my business. Look at my bags. I used to make them with my own hands before but now since I am losing my eye sight I get it made from a friend. Don’t ask me who, I will never tell you,” smiled the 77-year-old hero.

Manjula sits outside Borivali Railway Station or Kandivali Railway Station, Please share to support her.