After 30 Years In Captivity, This Bear Was Rescued. Look At Her Now! [Watch]


Last year, a bear named Fifi was rescued from a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania. Malnourished and crippled with arthritis, she had a long road to recovery ahead of her. But just look at her now!

Last year, True Activist reported on a story about four bears that were rescued from a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania that had shut down 20 years prior.

The mammals – Fifi, Bruno, Pocahontas and Marsha – were forced to live in cramped, dirty cages after spending years in a shabby zoo, performing cheap tricks for circus attendees. When the zoo was shut down in 1995, they never left their sad enclosures. To make matters worse, the poor animals had no place to hibernate.

Luckily, PETA and The Wild Animal Sanctuary got wind of the atrocious conditions the bears had been living in for decades and were able to rescue the sad animals. It’s been approximately one year since the bears were rescued, and we finally have an update to give you on one of the creatures, Fifi.

When Fifi was taken in, she was malnourished and suffered considerably due to arthritis. After being transported to a wide-open sanctuary in Colorado, she was finally granted the freedom and space she needs to thrive.

Time, good food, and compassionate care have helped Fifi blossom into a beautiful, healthy bear once more. The following video reveals her miraculous transformation: