It is increasingly clear that the U.S. economy comes complete and irreversible collapse. State governments and regional authorities have lost control of the situation. The federal government has amassed the largest debt in history. Each year buy hundreds of billions of dollars more than the rest of the world buys from us.


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And that means – our country is poorer than those “hundreds of billions” of each year. Meanwhile, thousands of factories and millions of places rabotchih moved abroad, as American cities and post-industrial wasteland. Revenues are falling, unemployment is pushing is high, and it seems that our politicians are lacking in ideas on how we can improve the situation. So how can we prepare for the coming financial apocalypse?

Well, the point is that we must begin to reduce dependence on “system.” At a time when the economy collapses on the floor, employers are saving their subordinates. In addition, the federal government – at least take a look at New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. As a result, you have to worry only about himself and his family.

Well, are you ready?

It would be necessary. Otherwise, you will live to see that everything will collapse, and it will be too late to escape.

The following are 12 simple things that you can start doing right now to prepare for the coming financial apocalypse….

1. Become Less Dependent On Your Job

Many people define a job as the state of being “just over broke”. The truth is that very hard to achieve financial independence, working at his uncle. However, many describe their situation as “the brink of bankruptcy.” And not in vain – the truth is that most Americans can not survive without a job. But what if you’re right in the middle of a financial apocalypse lost his job? Now is the time to be more active in seeking additional sources of income. Today srednestatichesky U.S. job search takes 33 weeks. And you can not always count on the fact that you will find a really good job. In general, each of us must bear in mind that any work we have now was, he could end at any time.

2. Get out of debt.

Someone does not agree with this, but if the company does not sink into total chaos and hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic, they are always and everywhere feel the pressure of your debts. Paying off debt – and it is completely free. Much more freedom and less dependent on the work. Many Americans seem to have already moved in this direction. 8 million Americans, according to recent estimates, do not use their credit cards over the past year. Why not join them? When the system collapses, and the work is not found, the last thing you need – that looms over a pile of debts.

3. Reduce your costs.

Americans have for decades lived beyond their reach. Poor prognosis for the future make us tighten our belts. You and your family spend the money for nothing? If you are able to stop the waste of funds, then it will be easier to live with less income. And, moreover, that the money you can invest in a really useful materials.

4. Purchase of land.

In most states, the property is being valued very highly. But do not wait in vain – to the land, in the case of a financial apocalypse are not caught in the big city, not knowing where to go. The housing market continues fever, so it’s possible prices will fall again in a couple of years and can count on a bargain.

5. Learn how to grow food.

That’s another advantage of buying the land. If necessary – you can grow food on it. 100 years ago, most Americans know how to farm and raise cattle. Today, these skills have remained at a relatively small number of people. If you do not belong to them – try to start from next year, creating a “garden of survival.”

6. Find a reliable source of water.

In the coming years, water resources will become very, very valuable. The source of drinking water – a top priority for you and your family. Without water, will not last long, as in the case of the economic catastrophe of the electricity and water can not be there. So be careful, so that the reservoir of water.

7. Look for alternative sources of energy.

As in the previous point. Do you think that in the case of financial apocalypse, you can count on us to produce electricity? I think not. A life without electricity would be difficult. But if you are your own energy, you do not have to worry about it.

8. Stock up.

In the case of a serious emergency situation immediately, the stores are empty. And if shortages drag on the provision of goods, then you have to use what you have at home. Do you have enough warm clothing, toiletries and medical supplies to resist long enough? Hopefully this will not happen, but there are no guarantees, so be prepared for a necessity.

9. The transfer of assets in gold and silver.

With regard to the current Federal Reserve inflation rampant dollars – just a matter of time. Right now the dollar is seriously affected, and shot the value of gold and silver. Perhaps in the future is little they can buy tickets, but gold and silver can always be exchanged for beneficial things you need.

10. Learn self defense techniques.

You saw what happened in all stores from coast to coast, on Black Friday? Americans are literally trampled each other trying to buy cheap foreign junk. What if these people stay for a couple of days without food or water? It’s time to think about how to protect your family and home from looters. It sounds fun, right? And yet, it moves only for those times.

11. Stay in shape.

We Americans live in “easy” life. It will, however, time will not be easy, and the situation requires us to exercise. You have to stay in good shape in the future, say a thank you.

12. Make friends.

In itself, it would be difficult to survive. One who will flourish in the future – is going to be a community, you can trust. Americans have always been famous for teamwork. Do not be afraid to resort to family and friends, because in the future a little love and compassion means a lot. In the times ahead the world will be a very cold place, and a little love and compassion will go a long way.