Day: 21

Know Yourself Whether You are Optimistic or pessimistic

Optimism and pessimism are a window through which we see the world. The attitude we adopt towards people, events and situations affects our goals, behavior and progress in every aspect of our lives. Do you tend to see the glass half empty or half full? To find it out, read these statements and imagine that

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Amazing Gift for Human : Papaya Seeds

Papaya seeds are not only edible, but including small amounts in your diet can be surprisingly beneficial for your health. Chewing half a teaspoon of the seeds is not just like eating papaya fruit. There are 7 powerful papaya seed benefits along with potential precautions you need to know and recommended ways to add them to your diet for

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Learnings After Losing Someone Dearer to Us

When you go through a significant loss in your life, it can be incredibly heartbreaking. You never want to lose someone you love. However, sometimes, that just has to be the case. Not all love stories are built to last. And no matter how in love you might be with one another, things don’t always

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