Day: 4

How To Know You Have A Strong Personality?

Those with a strong personality are not dominating or rude- you’re not being difficult or “crossing the line.” None of that reflects who you are, or what your personality is, at all. In fact, most strong people are giant balls of fluff- they’re really just kind-hearted softies. But things get twisted because people with domineering

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These Are The Signs Indicating You Must Always Keep On Moving

Every day, we see people who are stuck. They may be in a relationship that is pleasant, but not fulfilling. Their job may pay the bills, but fail to stimulate them. Their situation is comfortable. It isn’t bad enough to leave. So they stay. They don’t realize that they may be doing so at the

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These Things People Often Select To Judge You

We humans have such urgency to judge a person and maybe that is why we look for certain signs in the other person. We may appear to be talking or greeting each other, but back in our minds we are busy noticing, evaluating them. It is in human nature to judge one another and form

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