Month: January 2017

Nanny CAM Captures Chilling Paranormal Activity


There was a time when people handed over their lives and carried out all their activities and thinking based on superstition. Today we live in the era of science, and a lot of us only believe and allow ourselves to understand things with a scientific basis or proof. But the question arises, are humans able […]

Former CIA Agent Claims Americans Did Not Kill Bin Laden


Osama bin Laden died a natural death nearly 5 years before it was announced that he was eliminated by the American commandos. This sensational statement was made by a Turkish politician, and a former U.S. intelligence agent. In an interview with Russia’s Channel One, he said that the Americans simply found and opened the tomb […]

Woke Up in the Wrong Side of the Bed?


In an effort to improve health and well-being through sleep education and advocacy, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has recently released the key indicators of good sleep quality. These key indicators, explained in a paper published in the journal Sleep Health, were established and agreed upon by a panel of experts. “The National Sleep Foundation’s […]