Month: January 2017

Cuba has had a vaccine for lung cancer since 2011


Cuba has been isolated from the United States for the better half of a century. But improving relations between the two countries could see a lung cancer vaccine being exchanged for the benefit of Americans. The vaccine is reaching American shores for the first time, and American researchers are eager to make it accessible. Even though […]

Which Evil Dictator Killed The Most People?


They say that it takes compassion for humanity, love for country, and a strong pursuit of justice and mercy to become a strong and respected leader of the masses. Every once in a while, however, there are those politicians or generals that decide to do things their own way. These cold-blooded dictators do not care […]

27 Images That Prove The End Is Near…#14 Is Mind-Blowing


Sometimes every word is superfluous. These pictures are a proof that the end is near. They say more than a thousand words. 1. The view over the overdeveloped metropole of Mexico City (with more than 20 million inhabitants). Pablo Lopez Luz 2. An elephant killed by poachers left to rot. Kristian Schmidt/Wild Aid 3. The rainforest […]