15 Great Thoughts by Chanakya, the Great

Learn from the following great thoughts by Chanakya, the Great:

  • Learn from other’s mistakes- you don’t have long time to make them each one of them by yourself.
  • Attack and destroy the fear if it comes near you.
  • Don’t be afraid of failure and never abandon a work due to it- sincerely working people are the happiest.
  • Make friends of equal status to be happy- not above or lower than you in position.
  • Treat your child as a darling for first 5 years, scold them for the next 5 years, and treat them like a friend when they are 16: they will be your best friends!
  • Scent of flowers just spread in the direction of wind but kindness of a person spreads far and wide.
  • Books to a stupid person are like a mirror to a blind man.
  • Even though a snake is not venomous, it should act as one.
  • Education is the best friend. Education of a person earns hi respect and beats the beauty as well as the youth.
  • A man becomes great by his deeds and not by birth.
  • God is not in idols. A person’s feelings are their God and their soul- their temple.
  • World’s major powers are youth and woman’s beauty.
  • Ask 3 questions before starting a work– the purpose of doing it, what would be its results, and whether I’ll be successful in it.
  • One should not be too honest as such people are screwed first just as the straight trees are cut first.
  • Without self-interests, there are no friendships; it’s a harsh truth of life.