12 Things That Men Find Unattractive In A Woman

Women are said to be the attractive one of the two species of mankind and they do are. It’s their habits that make them attractive to men. Yes, you read it right men do find a woman unattractive just because of these 12 things.

Although they do not tell what makes you unattractive out of courtesy but they really do not like these things.

Want to know what are these things? Scroll down and read the reasons why men find a woman unattractive!

1. Poor Personal Hygiene.

Poor personal hygiene is never a good thing. It goes for both women as well as men. It’s very disappointing.

2. Woman With Too Much Makeup.

You do not always need to apply that much makeup. It just feels weird to see you in your original form.

3. Overconfidence Is Bit Unattractive.

Confidence is always appreciated but over confidence is the mother of all the wrong decisions.

4. Woman Talking About Ex And Swearing.

When you keep talking about an ex and swear him a lot just to show us that you are all over him. That isn’t very pleasant. It is unattractive.

5. Being Too Much Needy.

Although we are here for your needs but do not be too much dependent. It just makes a wrong impression.

6. Excessively Giggling With Hitting Habits.

Why on earth would you hit a man while you are laughing? seriously this is a never pleasant.


7. Woman Who Feels She Knows Everything.

It’s good that you are knowledgeable but being too arrogant about it is never loved.

8. Way Too Turned Up.

Screaming in ears, shaking up anywhere isn’t what we always want. Too much turned up woman is less desired

9. Unable To Lead The Conversation.

This is really an instant mood off. If a woman isn’t able to lead the conversation then it hurts. Men really do not like this. It’s one of the smallest things but it matters.

10. Having Annoying Traits.

Why do you keep doing these silly things? Let me tell you one thing that You do not look cute while doing this.

11. Woman Who Thinks Is Always Right.

You may be right when its comes to over confidence I guess. No one can be always right. Learn that.

12. The One Who Always Make Excuses To Avoid Getting Physical.

This is what men hate the most. We understand emotions but making excuses just to avoid a love making session is very disappointing.

Source : happylifereport.com