1.5 Million Dust Mites Are Living in Your Bed! Remove Them by Doing Just This

When we wake up, the first thing we do is have coffee or just wash up and make the bed as always. This is a habit we acquired from a young age and it is always routine.First, we must know how does dust damages our health and what it actually is. The dust is settled in our beds, pillows, and sheets. These are microscope bugs really tiny and their food is our dead skin cells, sweat also. With this, they multiply like nothing else even 20 times daily! Scientists claim that there exist 1.5 million dust mites so let that sink in!

For people, this is the worst health problem inducers, the dust mites, and their excrement. This has a protein that if inhaled or touching our skin, makes our antibodies go way up. Histamine is released in the body when our antibodies are increased – this is not a good thing. All the allergies and redness are caused by the histamine levels.

Running nose, itching, hay fever, red eyes, watery eyes, coughs and sneezing and troubles breathing are the universal common symptoms. Some people have red skin bumps or itching after getting in touch with these dust mites. Learn how to remove these mites and keep your health.

Removing these mites is incredibly easy to do

Just take every childhood advice and FORGET IT.

Do not make the bed after getting up!!!

If you leave the bed unmade in the morning, you expose the mites to fresh air, sunlight, and they get destroyed and exhausted and dehydrated too. When you make the bed, you trap and vacuum the warmth, the heat, and the stale air, and your dead skin cells and sweat too, so they multiply!

Get up, wash, have breakfast, do your chores and make the bed in the afternoon or evening – this way there are fewer mites, the room air is fresher too.

Also, wash the linens for the bed on a regular basis, at least once every week or 2 weeks tops. Next time doesn’t be mad at the mites if you made the bed in time!