You Will Be Surprised To Know Why Women Are Now Putting Cabbage Leaves On Their Breasts (Watch Video)

The popular trend of placing cabbage leaves on the breasts was started by the European and American women. And the purpose on that ‘trend’ is to relieve the pain and discomfort that is caused when the woman is breastfeeding a baby. But it is also helpful in the cases with pain and stress that has been caused by wearing uncomfortable bra.


There is not actual evidence by researchers if there is really something in the cabbage that helps in soothing the pain and the swelling, or that is because the leaves of a cabbage act as cold compresses. But what researchers actually found out is that it is not only soothing but that it can even help in lessen the breast swelling and pain. And that is only with directly placing cold leaves of cabbage on the breasts.

What you should do?

Well you should first place a cabbage for around one hour in the fridge and after that hour you should peel off the outer layer of leaves and to throw them. You will need to use two of the inner leaves. But you should be sure that those two leaves are 100% free from pesticides, residue and dirt and that is why it is important before using them to wash them with cold water. In order for the leaves to fit properly on the breasts without covering the nipples you should cut the steam of the leaves.

And after you have done all that it is time to put the clean and cold leaves of cabbage on the breasts. In order to make sure that the leaves will stay on the breasts wrap them, but make sure your nipples are exposed. Leave the leaves for about 20 minutes or until you notice that they are not cold anymore. Then it is time to remove the leaves. You can repeat as long as you get the desired results. For example if you only want to decrease the breast swelling during the time when you are breastfeeding, when you notice that you are feeling better you should stop with this method.