Watch: Mother Gives Birth Unassisted in Nature – An Amazing Video

To the women worldwide this Australian mother wanted to show and to encourage them that to successfully deliver a baby they can believe in their bodies and instincts.

You can see the whole process of giving birth without assistance.

Sometimes they do not get the proper care regardless of the fact that US is the richest country on the world, and that people spend a lot of money for health care. In the birthing practices the statistic show shocking disparity.

Washington post has published an article and revealed that according to these data among the 28 wealthiest countries last year in US were recorded so many deaths on infant and ranked the state high.

The woman says in the video that her dream was to give birth in nature. She flew to a friend’s house in the Daintree rainforest in northeast Australia and found a creek that spoke to her with its “pristine pure and the most amazing fresh water I have ever tasted in my life.”

See the all-natural video without medications or assistance!