Two Girls Get Robbed & Humiliated Inside Hotel While Twerking on Facebook Live


Twerking and Entering
If nothing else, a hotel room should be two things: clean and SAFE.

There’s nothing like treating yourself to a nice night or weekend in a fancy hotel, whether you’re on vacation or just having a night on the town. Plus, in a building with hundreds of rooms the same as yours, you can do practically whatever you want. That anonymity and power is half the allure of a hotel.

These two young ladies felt the freedom of having a room to themselves, so they took advantage of the opportunity to show some skin on Facebook Live. Unfortunately for the dancing duo, things did not go as planned…

Twerk Off

If you ever wondered what girls REALLY do when they’re all alone, this video should be proof enough. Here we have two scantily-clad, very bottom heavy ladies enjoying some quality time in their hotel room.

No boys? No problem!

The clothes come off as the pair gets ready for a night on the town, no doubt. Thank goodness for Facebook Live and for people who love to put it all out there on the internet, because we got a free show out of it. Hell, this is a DINNER AND A MOVIE.

Taken From Behind

Here is the video itself up top.

Watch these ladies start nice and slow with everything hanging out and practically nothing left to the imagination. It’s easy to get lost in their moves until something unexpected happens…

Honestly, just as the show is getting good, a man in a hoodie runs into the room and tackles our star onto the bed. After a brief struggle and some screaming, both girls are off screen for what feels like an eternity.

Did we just watch these girls get TAKEN? Where tf is Liam Neeson when you need him…

What do you think?

Finally, both girls come back — seemingly unharmed — and our peepshow ends for good. Talk about epically bad timing.

However, this leads to the real question: Was this fake or nah? The chances of this happening on camera just at things were getting sexy seems way too suspicious. Not to mention… The girl in the background is off camera right before the guy “breaks in.” Does the main girl seem too calm when he first comes in?

The fact that they both walk back into the room totally calm after makes me wonder… Maybe this was just a prank, but regardless, we hope these ladies make a similar Facebook Live video soon, minus the whole hooded-man-interrupting-it part!