Who would have thought that the pleasure of eating will be ruined by just one word: BANNED. Not everything appetizing and delightful might be healthy for us and that’s the saddest thing. On the other way round, there are plethora of reasons why other parts of the world prohibit a list of food that are very common to the American diet. Some cases goes from health concerns to cultural preservation and sensitivity to animal cruelty, see of your favourite is on the list.


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Foie Gras
Such a flavorful gourmet! This is from a fattened duck or goose liver. But did you know that these birds are forced to eat in able to gain so much fat and become this appetizing epicure? Local governments in India, Israel, Argentina, some parts of the US and many parts of Europe find this as inhumane and cruel that become the reason for banning this one. However, some countries invented a method of feeding the birds without forcing them but not all producers use this method.

Mac and Cheese
What a nightmare to our childhood! Yellow food coloring is the reason for it. Medical practitioners said that it’s not poisonous except from the yellow food coloring that causes hypersensitivity to children. It is banned in the countries Norway, Finland and Australia.

Sad to know but French prohibited ketchup from primary schools because they assume that students might use it for masking their French cuisines. Silly as it may seem, they can still use ketchup for French fries so no worries!

Farm-Raised Salmon
The difference of farm-raised salmon and wild caught salmon is that the farm-raised salmons have higher level of compounds and fed with synthetic astaxanthin made from petrochemicals that can harm people. 90% of toxins from farmed salmon can bioaccumulate in your body and can be passed to your first born through breast milk. It is banned in Autralia since 1975 and later in New Zealand and Russia.

Ractopamine-Tainted Meat
In the US ractopamine is currently used as muscle enhancer. This drug is also used for livestock used to treat asthma. Commonly known as Paylean and Optaflexx, a study shows that it can be linked to problems in reproductive functions and behavioural change. According to a veterinarian, Michael W. Fox, 20% of ratopamine remains in the meat you buy from the supermarket. 160 countries across Europe, Mainland China and Taiwan banned US red meat.

Can you resist this one? Olestra or mostly known as olean is free of calorie and cholestrerol proven by the FDA in 1996. It is usually found in chips and French fries too! Time magazine included olean as one of the 50 worst inventions ever. Risks may cause intestinal problems such as diarrhea, cramps, leaky bowels, and oily anal leakage. Banned in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Majority of the banned foods concern human health. Others pertain to inhumanity and tradition. Almost all of our conventional foods nowadays might have all the damaging chemical substance on it due to technology. The necessary thing is to be aware of the ingredients included in the food you we eat and be responsible in choosing health over the desire of your taste buds.
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