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While most of us are scared of death and wish to live longer or rather have an eternal life, here is a story about a man who has discovered 179 years in India! Yes, you got that right! Mahashta Mûrasi is an Indian who has claimed to be born in 1835. Well, if what he says is true, he not only becomes the oldest man in the world but also the man who has lived the longest since the history of mankind (according to the Guinness World Records).

“My grandchildren are dead there for years. Somehow death has forgotten me,” says he. According to the information transmitted, the man was born in Bangalore on January 6, 1835. In 1903, he started to live in Varanasi (India), where he worked until 1957, until his retirement in 122 years.

According to a report published on WorldNewsDailyReport.com, all the official documents favour the 179-year-old’s version of story.

My grandchildren have died there a few years, “said Mûrasi.” In a way, death has forgotten me. And now I have lost all hope to die! “