Relax and Feel Fresh Simply by Using Acupressure

This is an easy to do 10 minute exercise for hand reflexology to give you a relaxed and fresh body. You would just need to pinch every finger tip as well as thumb of the right hand for few seconds.

After that, simply reverse and then repeat the same process on the left hand too. You must apply firm pressure on your fingers- but should not be painful.


Easy method for relaxing comprises of:

1. Once you pinch the top as well as bottom part of the finger tips and thumb; repeat the process again- by squeezing it side to side. Then, apply more pressure till it starts paining.

2. Like in above photo, merge 3 and 4 steps by rubbing the tops as well as bottoms along with sides of every finger. Forcefully, stroke back and forward from base to tip.

3. In the step 3 photo, combine the steps 3 as well as 4 to massage the bottoms and tops with sideward too. Briskly, rub every finger and thumb back and forth starting from base to their tip.

4. Hold every finger and thumb from its base and then pull firmly. Then, slightly lose the grip; adjusting it from base to fingertip till the finger completely slips out from your grasp.

5. With your forefinger and thumb, tightly hold the webbed region between the thumb and your forefinger of other hand. While firmly holding, pull the skin tenderly till the fleshy web area snaps itself away from the other hand’s grasp. Do this process again on the webbed areas on your every finger.

6. Relax your palm inside your other hand’s palm and then use the thumb to gently massage the hand’s back. Easily work on the knuckles area and carry on thumb massaging every region of your hand’s back.

7. Softly support your wrist in the other free hand. Exercise your thumb for massaging the inner part of your wrist. This is a great massage for those who regularly make use of their wrists in jobs related to computers, etc.

8. Rub your hand’s palm or knuckles with your thumb to properly massage fleshier mound areas.

9. During the closing stages of massage session, push the thumb deeply in your palm’s center. After this, take few cleansing breaths to properly center your whole being.