Processed Meats Declared Highly Dangerous for Human Consumption, But You are Still Eating it!

Danger of Processed Meats


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Beware of these processed foods in your kitchen!
After a detailed evaluation of around 7,000 clinical studies, the World Cancer Research Fund has shown the link of cancer with several diets. In its conclusion, it shows that process meats are hazardous for human use and everyone must stop buying as well as eating them.

What exactly are processed meats?

The processed meats comprise of sandwich meat, sausage, packaged ham, salami, hot dogs, bacon, pepperoni, and almost all meat found in ready to eat frozen meals. They are regularly manufactured with a cancer causing (carcinogenic) component called as sodium nitrate which is mostly used by the meat companies as a color fixer to make package meats seem fresh and bright red. Along with this, Monosodium glutamate is frequently added to improve its aromatic taste.

Sodium Nitrate is strongly linked to cancer-causing nitrasamines formation in human body which leads to a rapid increase in cancer risk of its consumers. A Hawaii University study done in 2005 showed that consuming processed meats raises the pancreatic cancer risk by almost 67% and as shown by one more study, it increases the colorectal cancer risk by about 50%. These are terrifying numbers for those consumers who eat processed meats regularly.

Monosodium glutamate or MSG is another unsafe chemical that is found in almost every processed meat products. Its excitotoxin is directly linked to several neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, migraine headaches, loss of appetite, fatness, etc. Manufacturers use MSG as a preservative and savory taste to the otherwise tasteless processed meat products.

These are the food items to be checked carefully:





•Deli slices

•Frozen meat

•Hot dogs

•Sandwich meat

•Beef jerky

•Ravioli and meat foods

•Frozen meat containing pizzas

•Canned soups with meat

…among many other meat products

Why do they sell it if it is so risky to eat?

Unfortunately these days, the food business dominates the government regulators’ actions. For example, the USDA wanted to prohibit the use of sodium nitrate in late 1970′s but could not do so as the meat industry insisted that the chemical was very ‘safe’. Nowadays, the food as well as agriculture companies hold high level of influence over whole food industry due to which the consumers have tiny protection from hazardous chemicals that are intentionally used in the medicines, foods, and even personal care products.

To evade the processed meats dangers:

•Don’t buy anything having sodium nitrate or even MSG
•Always examine the ingredient labels
•Eat extra fresh food and only buy clean meats
•Keep away from the red meats provided by schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.
•Avoid such processed meats to great extent
•Spread the message about dangers related to MSG and sodium nitrate

Naturally found Vitamin C in several fresh fruits as well as vegetables is said to stop cancer-causing nitrosamines formation and saves you from disturbing health effects caused by the processed meats. But the best thing to avoid the problem fully is to shun the use of process meats.