There is a Possibility of Destruction on Earth due to The Sun in Lock down

Lock down declared in most countries due to the Corona virus has not only benefited the environment, but has also reduced emissions of gases responsible for global warming. Meanwhile, the concern of space scientists has increased with the sun going into lockdown. Going into lock down of the Sun increases the chances of severe cold, drought and earthquake on the earth.

Solar Minimum Raises Concern

Space scientists have unexpectedly decreased the incidence of the Sun’s surface. In scientific language it has been named as Solar Minimum. In addition, the Sun’s magnetic field is also weakened earlier. Due to this, there is a cosmic rise on the surface of the sun and hot winds move. An increase in solar spots is being seen on the surface of the sun.

Big impact on the Earth

It is believed that the effect of solar minimum can be seen on the earth as well. Scientists have feared that this may have a serious impact on the Earth’s weather. Due to the decrease in the rays of the sun, many changes can be seen.

Havoc with Dalton Minimum

Expressing concern among scientists of the US, it said that an incident like Dalton Minimum could happen again. Let me tell you that during 1790 to 1830 due to Dalton Minimum there was a huge destruction on the earth. Many rivers in Europe were frozen due to severe cold. The crops of the farmers were spoiled. In July of 1816, there was heavy snowfall in Europe. Earthquake-drought-like conditions were also created in many parts of the earth.

Solar Minimum will be more effective

Scientists have said that this time Solar Minimum will be more effective than before. Increasing the solar spot will weaken the magnetic field of the sun, which will increase the Kasmir Rage. This cosmic rage will be dangerous to the earth’s atmosphere apart from the ectronauts present in space.

The Royal Astronomical Society

Scientists of the Royal Astronomical Society said that such events occur every 11 years on the surface of the Sun. This is the cycle of nature; there is no need to panic. In a few days the magnetic field of the sun will return to its old form.