Priya’s Shakti: Inspiring Rape Victim


Rape. A word that sends a chill down your spine. A heinous crime directed towards women where the victim has to face the entire wrath when the criminal wanders around fearless looking for a new prey to feast on. Can a medium like a comic book that is otherwise known to be a frivolous one, […]

What do people regret the most at the time of death?


Death is never a pleasant topic to think about. However, have you ever wondered what all those people who are parting from this life regret the most? Well, a study was done, and the answer to this dilemma will surprise you. Not only that, we can learn from their experiences and their dilemmas in order […]

This Will Prevent Fluoride from Destroying Your Brain

brain damage

Here are the hard facts. Fluoride is everywhere and there’s no escaping it. It is in our tap water, in our antibiotics, in our toothpaste. Unless you want to have rotten teeth or death by dehydration, you’ll have to be exposed to it. Fluoride isn’t all bad – if we didn’t have it, we would […]

Why do Men Rape?


Rape is a heinous crime and every adult in his/her right mind knows it. Still, there is no dearth of rape cases in spite of the law becoming strict. Why is it so? Why do men rape women? What do they gain by forcing themselves on a woman? Studies show that the reason for rape […]

Having a Heart Attack? This May Save Your Life!

004 Heart Attack

Heart attack is a serious issue and is the leading cause of death among mankind. However, what to do if you’re alone and you suspect the symptoms of a heart attack? Let us first clarify what symptoms indicate an actual heart attack: 1)     Fatigue. This is the most common symptom, and it may persist up […]

Police Have been hiding this from you


Police. Law enforcement. Keeping order. All of these descriptors are intended to make the police seem like a friendly next-to-door public service whose sole purpose is to prevent crime and uphold order. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Do you know just exactly how many shootings there is by police in the US […]

2 Cops Rape a teenage girl at police station!


In yet another shocking incident of another police brutality and taking advantage of its power and position 2 cops rape a 14 year old girl, In Uttar Pradesh, India. In Badaun district on 31st night while this girl was returning to home, 2  two police constables Veer Pal and Avanish kidnapped her, pushed in police car […]

This Amazing Invention can shut you up from Snoring

3 min white

Annoyed roommates and irritated bedfellow will curse you for wheezing at night sleep. But did you know that snoring can be a prevalent symptom of obstructive sleep apnea(OSA)?It is the most common sleep apnea known as a serious health problem that can be linked to continuous lack of sleep, depression, diabetes and even heart attack! […]

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