The Overall Silent Killer Of Marriages – It Isn’t What You Think

Relationships are no easy endeavor and not many people understand the true meaningfulness of relationships, especially marriage. You might think that the most silent killer of marriages is something like sex, money, or communication – but you’d be wrong.

There are many different things that affect a person’s relationships. Whether it be your work life, social life, communication issues, or anything else, there are certainly a lot of things that can result in a not so happily ever after marriage. However, what has the biggest impact on a couple who does not lack those skills. As it turns out, all of those issues are just symptoms of the main problem – the real deadly killer of happy marriages…

Marriages don’t always start out badly. Typically the honeymoon phase lasts a good bit of time after the initial marriage. After all of the newness of the marriage wears off and it’s life as the real deal couple, things change a little. The couple is faced with a partnership and it is urgent that they nourish it whenever they can! However, there is one thing that ultimately decided the future of newlyweds. According to psychology, the most determining factor of the future of a marriage is expectations. Unmet expectations are the true killer of a healthy marriage. Of course, it is normal for us to have expectations in our partners, healthy even. But, when it comes down to it, it isn’t even possible to set standards on love or on another human in general. We all make mistakes and none of us are perfect. The make it or break it point in marriages is when you decide whether you’re with them for you, or whether you’re in it together.


Unmet expectations result in a one sided relationship from two different points of views. Each person is secretly unhappy with the other person, yet they say nothing about it. It builds up subconsciously and results in complete partner dissatisfaction – which completely defies the point of marriage in general!

People these days will never admit it, but we all date for the benefits of dating instead of actually nourishing our partners. We do it for the affection, the compliments, the “i love you’s”, and the kisses. If nothing else we do it for the way it makes us feel inside – which is good – but that’s not always going to be there. There will be times when your partner drives you nuts and you just want them to leave you alone, and that’s normal. However, you can’t just leave when things aren’t convenient for you.

So if you’re wondering how you can prevent your relationship from decaying and failing, you should primarily make sure that you are not setting expectations for them. Remember that you love them for who they are, not what they can do for you. Adjusting one’s expectations might simply change their entire life! Be open to a new perception or you’ll forever be stuck in the hinges of ignorance!