Nostradamus Predicted That Hillary Clinton Will Win The Election!

“Near Aquarius Saturn is turned back,
The fire of Mars is put out in Aquarius,
Towards Aquilon (The Eagle – the U.S.) to the South, the great female,
Flora (Florida) is the gate that will hold.”


The fire of Mars is put out in Aquarius,” a manly energy is overcome by a female, “Towards The Eagle to the South,” in The US, “the great female,” Hillary – the great female, “Flora is the gate that will hold.” Florida, possibly the key to a Hillary victory;

As for the Astrology references: Mars enters Aquarius on election day, where the water of Aquarius puts out the fire of Mars. Saturn is then moving forward, after earlier being retrograde.

This could predict a Hillary Clinton Presidential election victory on November 8 2016, with Florida the key to a Hillary victory in the United States election for President.

Mr. T. Chase, who decodes the predictions of Nostradamus, says that after Hilary is elected, Putin will aggravate the relationship between Russia and America. Soon after there will be WW3 with Russia and China in alliance.

Another weirdly correct Nostradamus prediction said,

Original Nostradamus’ prediction:

“Vers Aquilon grans efforts par hommasse
Presque l’Europe et l’univers vexer,
Les deux eclipses mettra en tel chasse,
Et aux Pannons vie et mort renforcer.”

English translation:

“The Masculine woman will exert herself to the north
She will annoy nearly all of Europe and the rest of the world
Two failures will put her in such an imbalance
That both life and death will strengthen eastern Europe”

If this is true, the predictions get even weirder. In 2017, after WW3 starts, aliens will come to Earth and take over control giving the world a long lasting peace and happiness. But before you get all excited, they say that the extraterrestrials will achieve this by modifying our DNA and making us more relaxed, hence peaceful.

This, of course, is something a lot of people interpret from a 500 year old book no one really understands. However, looking objectively at these predictions, and looking at the current state of the world, it makes a lot of sense for these events to take this kind of chronology. Even big websites like report the Hilary prediction. It’s seriously plausible!

There is some kind of mutual network people call fate. It’s like a climate. And each of us is like a local weather. Each of us has free will to be whatever they choose. You can choose to be cold and windy in the middle of summer, or hot in the middle of winter, for a particular small town. However, the climate is steering everyone towards one direction, like dogs on a leash.

But sometimes the dogs can be stubborn and pull together into a direction of their choice. That’s when the climate changes. That’s how we make our own fate. Even if Hilary wins, it doesn’t mean that we’ll have WW3. One conversation, one reasoning, one good word can change everything!