Never Reveal These Things To Anyone

1. The legend of Sukra Charya

The legend of Sukra Charya

Sukra Charya was not just a great scholar but an intelligent man his well. His teachings, popularly known as Sukra Niti are relevant even today — here are a few things he had said one should never reveal about himself.

2. The respect of others

The respect of others

Its great if you are loved and respected by all, but don’t show it off in front of others — doing so will lower your respect in the eyes of others.

3. Insult


Similarly, if you have to face insult at any point in your life, its best to keep it to yourself. Telling that to everyone you know will make you feel insulted in front of others as well.

4. Secret enchantments

Secret enchantments

If you pray to God everyday and have a secret mantra that you chant for it, its best to keep that to yourself. If you tell that in front of everyone, your wishes will not get fulfilled.

5. Money


This one is a no brainer — the amount of money you own should be strictly kept to yourself. Telling a lot of people about your money will risk both your money (it might get stolen) and people might also get jealous of you.

6. Age


The age of a person has nothing to do with a person’s capability, so until asked for it, do not reveal your age to anyone.

7. The “Grah Doshas”


If you going through a bad phase in life and you have many grah doshas, you should keep that to yourself — telling others about your problem will not solve them.

8. Your doctor

Your doctor

What doctor you consult is a fact that should be kept to yourself — a doctor knows everything about your medical history and if he tells that to your enemy, you will be in deep trouble.

9. Intimate details

Intimate details

Your love life is a very personal affair and intimate details about you and your partner should not be told to anyone.

10. Donation


Donating is a noble cause, but flaunting it in front of others is not. If you donate, keep it to yourself.

Now, let us talk about some other facts about Sukra Niti.

11. Your actions

Your actions

According to the Sukra Niti, It is obvious that Good actions give good results and evil actions give bad results, so one must always do what is good and right.

12. Destiny


No matter how good you do in life, if destiny is not in your favour, you will not succeed at anything. So do not try to fight off destiny.

13. Karma


However, if your Karma is very good, then it has the power to change your destiny as well. So, make sure that you do good karma always.

14. Destiny and labour

Destiny and labour

All the actions of the world are based on destiny and labour (Karma) based on your previous birth so one should do good karmas all your life.

15. The mind

The mind

Our heart sometimes takes over our hearts — however, one should make sure that our mind always decides our life — the heart might sometimes make the wrong decisions for us.

16. How karma affects

How karma affects

It is said that no man continues to do bad karma consecutively for 2 lives. If you have done bad karma in this life, you will probably not do it again.

17. The caste system

The caste system

According to the caste system, the one who sells is called a businessman while one who does husbandry and farming are called Vaishya in this world.

18. Kshatriya


Kshatriyas are known as brave warriors so their main aim in life is to protect people and uplift the downtrodden.

19. Quality of karmas

Quality of karmas

However, no one becomes low caste or upper caste just like that, it is your deeds (sanskar) and actions (Karma) that define your caste.

20. Worse than dead

Worse than dead

A man who is under the influence of a woman, does debauchery, gets poor owing to his bad karmas and looks down on people is worse than a dead man, even if he is alive.

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