Never Argue With an Old Aged

While checking out at a store, young cashier told an old woman to bring own grocery bags since plastic bags are not good for the atmosphere.

The old woman apologized and said these things: “We never had the green thing back in our days.”

We returned milk bottles, soda bottles and beer bottles back to the store so that they can send them back to the plant to sterilize and refill them.Grocery stores gave the groceries in brown paper bags which were reused for several things. We walked up stairs since there weren’t escalators everywhere. We didn’t get into a car just to go a few blocks away. We walked instead.

We washed the baby’s diapers and not threw them.Kids got hand-me-down clothes from their elder siblings.

We had just 1 small hanky sized TV or radio at home and not TV in every room with a screen size of the state of Iowa! We blended and stirred by hand as we never had electric machines back then.We used wadded up newspapers in the mail for fragile items and not the plastic bubble wrap.

We used a push mower and not an electric one. We exercised by working and not in a health club working on electric treadmills. We drank from a fountain when thirsty and never used a plastic bottle. We refilled writing pens with ink and not replaced a new pen every time.

People took a bus to travel and kids walked or rode their bikes to school and not turned their mothers into a round the clock taxi service. Every home had just 1 electrical outlet in a room and not a power bank.

We never had and used a computerized gadget to get a signal from satellites thousands miles in space to find a nearby burger joint.

This shows how sad it is for the current generation complaining how wasteful the old guys were just because they had no green thing then!