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Three years after Weston and Erica had their first daughter, the California family was elated to find out they were having twins — one boy and one girl. Four years later, something rather incredible happened, and it doesn’t happen very often. Erica was pregnant again… with twins. That’s right — for a second time in less than five years, a second set of twins was on the horizon! And this time, they didn’t want to know the sex of the twins until the day of the delivery.

In November 2014, Weston and Erica headed off to the hospital for induced labor. Doctors had to break Erica’s water because she was full-term at 38 weeks and a few days. Like a proud husband and father, Weston decided to document the big day. He filmed everything from the drive to the hospital and up until the magical moment the babies were delivered. The couple was surprisingly cool, calm and collected the whole way through. En route to the hospital, Erica looks at her husband and jokingly asks, “Are you ready to have five kids?” It’s too late to turn back now!

As it turned out, Weston was more than prepared. He popped open the trunk to reveal a slew of electronics to capture the memories, like computers, an iPad, and a camera fitted with a GoPro. The result is a heartwarming and personal video that takes viewers along on this crazy ride. Weston says, “The labor was insanely quick at only three hours from water breakage to newborns.”

My favorite moment is when the nurses break into a chorus of cheers after revealing the twins’ genders to Erica. Absolutely beautiful.