How Many Of You Can Solve This Basic Math Problem That Has Kept The Internet Scratching Its Head?

You would always think how easy life would have been if you were allowed to go back to the elementary school. But what appears easy also has the ability to confuse.

We are talking about a simple Math equation which ideally should take seconds to answer but has left internet users scratching their head.

Do you Love Math?

Will it be correct to say that everybody loves solving Math equations? No, certainly not. While some of the people get into it and take the problem as a challenge there are others who think of these equations as totally illogical and irritating.

Look at this math puzzle which got people stumped and is getting viral over the social media.


Interpretation of Math Puzzles

There are people who think that a first-grade math puzzle can be easily solved for it includes simple addition, multiplication or subtraction and that seems to be a good opportunity to prove themselves smarter than others.


The Change in Methodology

The Math that we study today is not the same as it used to be long back in the 80s or 90s. There are a lot of changes that have come and new methodologies have been introduced to solve the puzzle quickly.

Soon, the internet users got into a disagreement on what could be the correct answer to this puzzle. People are very sure that their answer is correct as they have used the correct approach that had been taught to them when they were in school.



There is one basic principle around every Math equation, which is ‘the order of operations’ that must be obeyed to solve it. What we are referring to is the PEMDAS Rule.

The Golden rule states that one must begin with parenthesis and move to exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and then subtraction. That’s pretty simple and should not be forgotten.


How It Works

Don’t put much pressure on your mind figuring out the correct response and look at the explanation of this math problem.

Once multiplication is done, you will be left with 3-18+2.

This results in a smaller equation 3-16, and the answer is -13.


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