Did You Know That Cat Licks Can Make You Blind?

This is an article in which we’re going to present you that cat licks can actually be very dangerous!

Janese Walters , a woman from Ohio, used to adore the time spent with her cat and even let her cat lick her face. But, then, out of nowhere, she has gone blind in one eye! Unfortunately, her beloved pet transmitted her a disease known as ”cat scratch “. The disease mostly causes inflammation of the blood vessels and eye infection.

Mrs. Walters explains, “I woke up the next day and I could not see through my left eye. I thought I had conjunctivitis.” She was desperate and went to the hospital immediately. The doctors performed various examinations and discovered that she had suffered from an infection called “cat scratch“, which occurs when one of these pets carries a bacteria carried through saliva or fur Infection. In the most dangerous cases, it can stay in the liver, producing the collapse of the blood vessels of the eye or even cause meningitis. Unfortunately, the condition is irreversible.

Disease May Be Transmitted Easily

This disease can be transmitted via 40 % of cats in homes. The Center for Disease Control claims that this disease is harmless to cats, but considerably dangerous to humans.

You must be careful and always wash your hands after playing with cats! Do not let them lick your face or open wounds! This woman is still grateful because the condition hasn’t become worse and as she says, “I am lucky. It could have been transmitted to my other eye.”

Watch the Video below:

Source : youtube.com, naturalcarebox.com/know-cat-licks-can-make-blind/